Creative Craft Cabin

Creative Craft Cabin

We, at DIYframing, work with many different people in all walks of life. Some are keen hobbyists that enjoy crafts and photography. They want to learn how to frame their work to finish it off and enhance it. We have people wanting to expand their craft business by adding framing as a new option. We also have people who want to take their hobby that step further and create a thriving business, either from home, local premises through to shows and exhibitions.


Jeanette White wanted to start her own business and searched long and hard for inspiration of what she could do. Jeanette had been a keen crafter for many years, enjoying cross-stitching and scrap booking. It seemed natural that she should do something she enjoyed, using her skills and decided to open a Craft Shop. After planning how the business would run and locating premises, Jeanette then utilised her husband Alex's carpentry skills to fit out the shop. They worked to a tight schedule but managed to open the shop, called Creative Craft Cabin in Twyford, Berkshire, for business in July 2006.

Jeanette said " I was so excited that after all the hard work my dreams had eventually come to fruition and I now had a great shop in a good location that I could run my business from."

Things started well, Jeanette and the team set about offering free workshops, demonstrations and a great range of products. She was regularly asked if she knew where to get things picture framed and would often direct people to a local framer nearby. Whilst at an exhibition with her husband Alex, they came across the DIYframing stand. They had a conversation with Duncan McDonald the Managing Director who showed him how simple it was to set up a small framing business. They learnt that this could be built up from a small operation to something quite substantial in a fairly small amount of time with the assistance of DIYframing. Alex was very interested in evolving this idea, as he wanted to cut down the amount of work he was doing and the time spent on the road.




Both Alex and Jeanette visited DIYframing in Beaconsfield after the exhibition to look at setting up the business in more detail.

"We came away really inspired by Duncan and his team, they were so helpful. What impressed me the most was that everything from the training to tools and materials were available under one roof", said Alex. "The first thing I did was to book on a series of courses that taught me all the skills I needed to frame virtually anything."

Alex attended the 7-day business development course, which not only covered the practical skills but also lots of information on subjects like pricing, workshop layout, and marketing the business. He then purchased all the tools to get started, kits varied from as little as £300 to £2500.

Alex said, "DIYframing gave me so much help getting started, and that help didn't dry up once they had sold me the tools, they continue to mentor me and help with any enquires that I have to this day."

The framing operation has grown and it is hoped that Alex will give up his job as a carpenter very soon to concentrate on the business full time. There is an area dedicated to framing in the shop with samples of mouldings and mount board. The framing itself is no longer done on the premises as the space was needed for a larger sales area, so Alex converted an unused space at home into his workshop.

Alex and Jeanette both agreed that the help offered by DIYframing was fantastic, from the training through to purchasing the right tools for the job and offering really excellent materials on an ongoing basis; it made things so easy