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Writing this introduction has made me cast my mind back some 20 years to my first tentative steps in framing my own pictures, the industry has come on leaps and bounds since then. When I started to frame my own work I either had to buy hugely expensive professional equipment or muddle through with mitre blocks and cord clamps, which quite honestly just frustrated me. Finally I purchased a number of professional tools after years of struggling with my "put together kits" from there on I never looked back.

But for most of you buying all the professional kit will never be an option because all you want to do is frame just a few items every year, whether they are for yourself or for presents or even to sell on.

I noticed that the framing industry over recent years has started to change and more and more people are trying to do it themselves, after all it's not as difficult as first thought. But where do people get all the tools from that will make a professional job but not cost an arm and leg? We are now back to the problem I first faced 20 years ago but this time I have a solution for you.

I have put together a collection of tools and materials that give you everything needed to professionally frame your own work. From Artists to Cross-stitchers, from photographers to crafters the principles are the same, there are just a few techniques needed to be learned so you can present your particular medium to its full and glorious potential.

The Getting Started section will have the following sections to help you understand all the components needed to put together a picture frame and what tools and materials you will need to get started. Sections include the following

  • Terminology. What's called what when framing a picture. (Throughout the web site you will find technical terms used to describe some of the procedures. This glossary of terms will help you understand which parts of the process we are talking about. )
  • What's in a frame? (Details all the components which when put together make up a picture frame. )
  • Equipment needed (This section will help you decide what equipment you require at the particular level you wish to start, whether you are framing 1-2 pictures per year or 100 pictures a year. )
  • Materials needed (Again a comprehensive list of materials you will require to start your venture into framing your own work. )
  • Preparing to get started (Before cutting or sawing it helps to have a plan so a detailed worksheet of your project completed before each project will save hours of wasted time. )

I hope this guide will help you swiftly get from the planning stage to the production stage in a clear and coherent manner so you can enjoy making professional looking mounts and frames and avoid all the pitfalls I encountered.

Good Luck

Duncan McDonald

Managing Director


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