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For those of you who are about to venture into frame making and mount cutting it will be helpful to learn a few of the regularly used terms. Whilst this list is fairly extensive there are many more terms used that may have not been covered.

Assembly of artwork

Putting the glass, mount,artwork and backing together before putting them into the frame.

ATG Tape

Double sided tape used for double and triple mounting, attaching artwork and used with kraft paper to keep the frame free from dust.

ATG (Automatic tape gun)

A dispenser for applying double sided tape.


The board which supports the artwork, holding it into the frame and often against the glass.


A slanted angle at which mounts are cut.


A method of shaping and / or shaping fabric (as in needlepoint, cross stitch, other fiber arts or oil painting canvas)

A thin nail with a very small head.
Usually self-adhesive corner protrusions added to the lower back corners of the frame to keep it straight on the wall and to prevent the framed art from rattling whenever the wall shakes or there is a strong breeze.
Burnishing a Frame  
Using a awl or the side of a screwdriver to make a couple of quick strokes on the frame. This causes the wood fibres to lie down so they more neatly meet each other.
Moulding that has been precut / mitred to a specific size.

Corner Clamp  
A device used to hold two sides of a frame while their mitred corners (usually at 45 degrees) are being glued and nailed.


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