Attaching paper, cloth, or another material of artwork to a firm backing (foam core, Plexiglas or substrate), using adhesives with heat and / or pressure.

Dust Cover  
Usually kraft paper (like brown grocery-bag material) applied to the back of a frame with adhesive, to keep out dust and bugs.
Easel Backing  
A backing used to support free-standing frames.
Filler Board  
The last piece added to a frame before it is closed. It may be foam core, acid- and alkaline neutral board or mount board, but not regular corrugated cardboard because of its acid content.

A decorative strip of wood, usually gold or silver in colour, placed next to art or between mounts.
A process of displaying art so that all its edges are visible.

Foam-Core Board  
A lightweight board which is made of polystyrene sandwiched between two smooth papers. It is excellent for use as a backing or substrate.

Framing Vice  
A vice used to hold cut pieces at a 90 - degree angle for accurate assembly.


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