The material used to protect the artwork in a picture frame. It is available in standard sizes. There are also different types of glass. Picture glass is thinner, less likely to have flaws, and more expensive than single-strength glass. Non-glare, non-reflecting glass is much more expensive and diffuses the image in some cases, but is useful, perhaps even necessary, in locations where there is a lot of glare.
Glass Cutter  
A glass-cutting tool shaped like a pencil, with a small wheel at one end used to secure the glass.
Fitting, furnishing, or securing with glass.

A small piece of paper that holds artwork in place. It can be made of various materials, including Japanese paper, liner tape, or pressure-sensitive tape.

Kraft paper  
Brown wrapping paper often used on the back of frames as a dust cover.

An insert between the artwork and the frame opening (essentially a frame within a frame) that is used with oil painting on canvas and for a second or third mount when multiple mounts are used.


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