Equipment Needed

Cutting Tools

2 Mitre Trimmer  
The Mitre Trimmer is a bladed guillotine that will shave off the moulding until you acquire the correct size. The bladed cut gives a glass like finish to your mitre helping to get those perfect joints time and time again. The mitre trimmer has lever operated cutting action, part of the reason for the tools great accuracy is that it is made of a single massive casting. The blades are honed razor sharp, ready for use. Its 90 and 45 degree positive stops are located on both cutting areas and have been factory set for accuracy.

3 Professional Mitre Machine  
The foot operated mitre guillotine is the machine most used by the professional framer who needs to obtain very high quality time and time again. With its double bladed cutting action, sliding longitudinal stop, measuring scale, adjustable fences (45-90°), and adjustable rebate supports it is the perfect tool for the job. However it comes at a price, but if you are framing on a daily or weekly basis the saving in time and materials is huge.


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