Equipment Needed

Joining The Moulding

Joining tools  
Most professional framers join the mitres of frames with V nails which are inserted by a underpinning machine. These are electrically powered, pneumatic or foot operated.

DIYframers have the choice of some simple hand operated underpinners, which we feature on this site.

The simplest  is a hand operated V nail punch. The V nail is attracted to the magnetic tip of the v nailer and positioned across the mitre.  Pressure is then applied and the V nail cuts into the moulding, pulling together the two mitred pieces.

For the a more sophisticated way of joining, try the Pro Joiner or Studio joiner. Each have very well engineered mechanisms: the V nail again sits on a magnetised plunger, which is pushed into the wood as pressure is applied to the handle.


Larger, Foot-operated Joiners  
If you begin to do any volume of framing, putting the V nails in, one by one, is very time consuming. This is where the foot-operated models move the craft up another level. Whilst holding the mitres together they can be placed into a right angled stop.  The V nails are fired in from underneath, whilst a pressure stop holds the moulding in position. Often there are production stops to allow you to fire the pins into two different positions.


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