Materials Needed

Materials Needed

There are six main areas for you to consider, assuming you will carry out the complete projects: from image, through mounting to building a frame and assembling the piece.

This article will deal with some of  the sub-divisions within the categories and then leave you to source materials, best suited to your projects.  It is also important to realise that different types of framing will require particular types of material and methods of working.  It is not always a simple choice of what you like.

The categories are:

  • mountboard
  • tapes
  • moulding
  • backing board
  • glass
  • sundries (fixings, v nails, pins, bumper pads etc)


1 Mountboard:

The Standard Range of mount board is now the first choice for many framers because of the huge variety of colour options, enhanced and textured finishes. The sheer visual appeal of the ranges that are available, make them a popular choice in the marketplace. From the subtle shades that people will always want,  to the vibrant, bright colours, which fashions have introduced into our homes, they are all represented within the standard range of most companies.

WhiteCore: Boasting a bright, white bleached core guaranteed to stay for the life of the board - available in an incredible range of colours and offering acid free properties up to 100 years.

Black Core: Similar to white core boards, but have a black core so that when you create an aperture in a mount using a bevel edge cutter, a definite, fine black line is revealed instead of the usual white core.  Whilst the colour range is a little more restricted than the white core, there are still some vibrant combinations available.

Conservation mountboard: A conservation grade mountboard is made from 100% virgin alpha-cellulose surface paper, core and backing paper. It is designed to be lignin-free and acid-free amking it ideal for use in conservation framing grade projects.    You should check to see that the surface, core and backing paper are buffered with calcium carbonate to ensure that they are PH neutral and meet conservation standards set by F.A.T.G. and F.A.C.T.S.  The colour range in this product tends to be more neutral and earth tones as the process used in producing stronger colours will not meet with conservation requirements. 

Cotton Core: Containing pure cotton fibre. This elite range of white and cream boards meets the most stringent conservation requirements - the recommended option for museum quality framing.

SolidCore: In neutral colours, a solid core board made from alpha cellulose, providing very high degrees of protection - popular right across the trade with general framers, and with art galleries for the protection of art or for archival purposes.

AlphaCore: Made from alpha cellulose and offering a good selection of neutral and bright colours which are fade and bleed resistant. The choice of framers who want to combine colour choice with a high degree of protection.

To view the range of boards on offer at DIYframing follow the link: Mountboards


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