Materials Needed

6 Sundries

A little bit like the article on the equipment needed, you come to a whole range of small bits and pieces which you have in your tool box.  These include all the hardware used in constructiong the frame, the pieces used for assembling the product, right down to hooks and pins for hanging it on the wall.  A typical list would look like this:

  • v nails
  • flexi tabs
  • brads / pins
  • rivets
  • frame stands (if not to be hung on a wall)
  • d-rings
  • screw eyes
  • screws
  • hanging cord or wire
  • picture hooks
  • bumber pads (felt pads to keep the base of the frame off the wall)
    ... and probably many others that we can't remember.

To view a more complete list, view the store pages:



In most cases there are varying types, weights or lengths of each item depending on the project being undertaken

We have tried to cover the basic ground thoroughly in this suite of articles.  Of course there is plenty more still for you to find out and we hope you enjoy that particular "journey".  Don't forget to look at the range of handy hints sheets, which help turn the ideas outlined here into practical projects.


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