Photo Framing - Ian Oliver

Greetings Cards and Holiday Homes

The business launch came shortly after completing the workspace.  An open “weekend” allowed friends, family and local contacts to see what was on offer.  In fact, that was enough to start the work coming in and, in many ways, a massive publicity drive has not been necessary yet.  It has always been Ian’s intention to allow the order book to develop.  This makes growth manageable and sustainable. The alternative, a huge initial interest after wide publicity followed by a gradual tail-off, could be very demoralising.  His framed photography has received continued interest with a good flow of sales following on.  This has been more than matched by the bespoke framing projects he is undertaking.

Other ploys for marketing work that Ian has used include developing a range of greetings cards (example right): cost-effective to produce, looks very professional, the web address and name become known, and cards are simply, good value for customers.  He has also produced leaflets for distribution through local shops along with the usual small-ad cards.  He has attended the occasional craft fair, but has been careful to choose ones where people are looking specifically for artwork rather than more general crafts.  Again this exposure has paid off in terms of raising the profile and people contacting him after the event itself.  In the future he aims to exhibit his framed images using local hotels and shops with wall space available.  This is likely to be on a sale or return basis with commission for the host exhibitors.  Ian already has one contract lined up to produce a website for a group of holiday chalets as well as providing framed landscapes as part of the interior design.  Once the chalets are open for rental, visitors will be able to purchase his work “from the wall” as a souvenir of their holiday.

In short, the work is coming in steadily and the plans for growth are clearly in place.  Very importantly he is ahead of where he thought he would be in terms of sales of his own work and of framing orders. Ian is the first to point out that this way of working will not make him rich over night.  However, with a good product, well researched and targeted marketing, not to mention a bit of lateral thinking, there is no reason why you cannot achieve some success right away.  And of course Ian is another example of someone, now able to work in a sphere that is more about enjoyment than nine to five.

We all wish Ian the very best of luck with his business and thank him for sparing the time to talk to us about his experiences.  If you would like to see more of his work, go to


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