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Basics Of Framing

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Course Overview

This is an introduction to the basic principles of framing.  It can be booked separately or as part of:

  • Art & Photography framing specials;
  • Business development Weeks
  • Ultimate Framing Weekends

It is a one day course running 10am - 5.00 pm.

What previous experience should I have?

The workshop is aimed at complete beginners as well as those who may have tried to frame their own work.  There is no need for any experience of using hand tools, although those that you do have will be a bonus!

In particular, the course is aimed at people who;

  • have limited or no previous experience of working with hand tools;
  • have some experience of mounting (and framing) pictures, but have no experience of using the preferred / specialized tools available to framers;
  • want to receive support in honing current skills;
  • want to use graphic art as part of home improvement or refurbishment.

It is likely that you will be somebody involved in art, photography, and needlecraft or even interested in setting up a home business, either as a hobby or professionally.  OR

You may wish to present or conserve some images you own, in a more professional / dynamic way.

What will the course cover?

During the day you will be taken through the whole process of designing, planning and making a frame for one of your own pictures. Although this is DIY framing, it is certainly not a "bodged" solution and you will amaze yourself at the quality and dynamic, creative style you can achieve starting from scratch.

Through clear explanation, demonstration and your own "hands on" practice, you will learn about:

  • identifying the key elements of a framed picture;
  • how to cut a mount, using specialised tools, for the mounting of a picture;
  • some basic ways of attaching a picture to the mount;
  • cutting moulding and joining sections to create a frame for the mounted picture;
  •  finding out about simple options for adding a finish to the frame;
  • cutting glass and backing board to fit the frame then assembling the framed picture, including sealing the picture back and adding a hanging cord.
You also find out about (and use) the specialist tools of the trade. This means that, if you decide to purchase some "kit", you will do so knowing that it won't stay in the box, unused for long!

What do I need to bring with me?

You are asked to bring along a picture / artwork (no larger than A4 paper size) so that you will produce your own, professionally finished, framed picture.


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