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Mount Cutting & Decoration

Details of Mount Cutting Course

Course Overview

This is an introduction to planning and making a range of creative picture mounts.  It can be booked separately or as part of:

  • Art & Photography framing specials;
  • Business development Weeks
  • Ultimate Framing Weekends

It is a one day course running 10am - 5.00 pm.

What previous experience should I have?

It is an advantage to have attended one of the Basics Of Framing courses. The skills learnt there, such as the use of specialist tools and general principles of marking up mounts for cutting, are developed further.  However, complete novices will find that there is enough time to learn about the basic skills of cutting mounts as they work though the training programme.

The course, therefore, is aimed at people who;

  • have limited or no previous experience of working with hand tools;
  • have some experience of mounting (and framing) pictures but have no experience of using the preferred / specialized tools available to framers;
  • want to receive support in honing current skills;
  • want to use graphic art as part of home improvement or refurbishment.

It is likely that you will be somebody involved in art, photography, and needlecraft or even interested in setting up a home business, either as a hobby or professionally OR
who may wish to present or conserve some images you own, in a more professional / dynamic way.

What will the course cover?

The place where framing can achieve most impact, and increase the perceived value of any art form, is through mount design and decoration. Whether producing framed work for hanging at home or for sale, you will be amazed at the effects achieved using a few simple skills and products. In short, this day will provide the perfect launch pad for an exciting, more dramatic way of presenting your images.

The day is both for complete beginners and for those who need hands-on experience to help them create a dramatic, unique look for their artwork/photography. The day covers a range of practical skills and the understanding of products used in mount cutting & decoration. During the training, you will produce a portfolio of mounted artwork. The main areas covered are

  • a range of cutting techniques using a mount cutting system
  • experimenting with double mount, offset corner and combination mounts;
  • marking out and cutting a mount with multiple openings for groups of photos
  • deep bevel mounts;
  • spaced mounts


What do I need to bring with me?

To complete your portfolio you should bring:

  • For the double mount an A4 (297x210mm) size picture or photo – you can bring a selection to take advantage of the mount board colour choices;
  • For the smaller pieces (Deep Bevel, Spaced Mounts, Offset Corner) worked on as demonstration workshop pieces, you may wish to attach images: you can bring (3) 100 mm x 160 mm (7” x 4”) images;
  • For the multiple mount opening you need three, appropriate pieces of artwork/photos with a common theme {one piece PORTRAIT, approximately A4 size (297mm X 210mm) one piece LANDSCAPE, approximately A5(148mm x 210mm)and one piece LANDSCAPE, approximately A6(148mm x 105mm)size}.

Lunch- There will be a break to allow students and tutor to have some lunch. Food is not provided and we would suggest you bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided during the day.



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