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Framing Fabric

Details about our Fabric Framing course

Course Overview

This is an exploration of the general principles behind conservation framing. Those principles are then used to guide you in the presentation and framing of some artwork you have brought in.

It forms one session in our business development weeks being held throughout the country. You can book FABRIC FRAMING as:

  • a one day course
  • alongside any of the other elements of the Business Week as a sort of "Pick & Mix"
  • as part of a full Business Development Week.

For information on the full Business Development Week please click: MORE. Alternatively search for a Business Development Week in your area.

It is run as a one day course, running from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm

What previous experience should I have?

It is expected that you will have already attended one of the Basics Of Framing courses and the Mount Cutting and Decoration courses.

Trainers will assume that students are:

  1. Familiar with specialist tools used in basic framing;
  2. Able to cut mitres in mouldings and know how to form and fix a frame.

Whilst not a requirement, it is an advantage to have taken part in the Conservation Framing course; a number of the ideas about care for artwork are taken up in this course.  Some (very) basic sewing is also involved in this session.

What will the course cover?

Through clear explanation, demonstration and your own “hands on” practice, you will learn about:

  • the specific requirements in framing fabrics by taking account of the fabric base used in the artwork,
  • the age and style of the piece and conservation principles applicable to the process;
  • the preparation of the fabric prior to framing and
  • how best to provide an adequate support and mount; 

Three options will be explored and practised:

  1. lacing;
  2. pinning to foam mountboard;
  3. tight fit through square cut mountboard.

You will also look at general principles used in preparing some other types of fabric based art for framing, including stretching a canvas over wooden frames, sewing in quilts, stapling to board.

You  will then choose a method best suited to mounting your artwork, before being guided through your  own framing project:

  • preparing the artwork for mounting;
  • creating a (sink)mount;
  • making and assembling a frame and preparing the picture for hanging

What do I need to bring with me?

You are invited to bring your own fabric based art (no larger than A4). If this is not possible we will provide appropriate pieces for framing. You will produce your own, professionally finished piece of framed "Fabric Art".



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