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Business Development Week

Details of the Business Development Week

Course Overview

The Business Development Week is the "Flagship" of our training programme and is unique to DIYframing.  Using many years of experience in the framing industry, combined with expert knowledge of how to plan and structure the development of a new business,  DIY Framing offers an imaginative and original course. It moves people from being complete framing novices to starting up a bespoke framing service from home or business premises.  We can honestly say that we do not know of any other company currently providing such an exciting and complete support and training package.

The full programme consists of seven, 1-day sessions.  Each day represents a complete workshop or course, which can be booked separately or in any combination. 

At the end of the week you will be able to tackle most framing projects and have the confidence to resolve new challenges as they are presented to you.  At the same time, you will learn how to make the business side work for you.  All of the trainers involved not only have the knowledge about how to undertake a wide range of framing projects, they also have been in the position of starting their own bespoke framing service.

As the week progresses you will work with a group of others also wanting to develop their own business. We hope that over the two "business" days you will take the chance to discuss ideas, successes and pitfalls with each other. You will also end up developing your thoughts further as the week progresses. People find that during the practical days, conversations trigger new ideas.

Each day's session runs from 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

What previous experience should I have?

The Business Development week, in its entirety, is aimed at people relatively new to framing, who have decided to explore the possibility of starting a new business venture.  In some cases it will be a completely new challenge. For others it will lead to creating an additional income source, running alongside complementary services such as photography or an arts based retail outlet.

In terms of framing skills none is required for those completing the whole week's programme. 

What will the week cover?

Below is a timetable for the week.  For detailed content on each of the "Framing Days", visit the appropriate course page. 

DAY 1: Basics of Framing
DAY 2: Mount Cutting & Decoration
DAY 3: Organising & Planning A Framing Business (Business Development Day 1)
DAY 4: 3D Framing
DAY 5: Conservation Framing
DAY 6: Framing Fabrics
DAY 7: Creating Business Success (Business Development Day 2)

What do I need to bring with me?

Over the week there will be a need to bring varying bits of artwork for framing.  Please refer to individual course details for guidance.  There is no need to bring any special items for the two Business Development Days.


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