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Further Cutting Techniques

Mount Decoration Masterclass with David Wilkie GCF

Course Overview

This extends your ability to design and make a more sophisticated range of creative picture mounts.  It can be booked separately or as part of:

  • More Techniques for Mount Cutting & Decoration (Weekend)

It is a one day course running 10am - 5.00 pm.

What previous experience should I have?

It is an advantage to have attended one of the Basics Of Framing courses and Mount Cutting & Decoration so that you are familiar with the principles of layered work (double mount).  Ideally, you will have already practised your mount cutting skills and be familiar with using a board mounted cutting system such as the Logan Compact Elite or bigger. 


The course, therefore, is aimed at people who;

  • have some previous experience of working with hand tools;
  • are familiar with basic planning concepts and jargon associated with cutting mounts;
  • have some experience of mounting pictures and have some experience of using the preferred / specialized tools available for cutting mounts;
  • want to receive support in developing current skills;
  • want to use graphic art as part of home improvement or refurbishment.

It is likely that you will be somebody involved in:

  • art, photography, and needlecraft or even interested in setting up a home business, either as a hobby or professionally OR
  • who may wish to present or conserve some images you own, in a more professional / dynamic way.

What will the course cover?

The place where framing can achieve most impact, and increase the perceived value of any art form, is through mount design and decoration. Whether producing framed work for hanging at home or for sale, this session will develop a more dynamic range of presentation skills

The day is both for those relatively new to mount cutting and prefer that  hands-on experience to help consolidate new ideas and skills.

The day covers a range of practical skills and the understanding of products used in mount cutting & decoration. During the training, you will produce a portfolio of mounted artwork.


Projects covered are:

  • Creating a traditional V-Groove mount;
  • Cutting a faux double / inlay mount;
  • Adding colour stripes / areas within a mount
  • Wide gutter / inlay mount;


Broad themes covered are:

  • (in more depth) the relationship between the function of a mount cutting system and the stages of each cut;
  • great designs which will work even in mouldings with a shallow rebate depth;
  • the type of cut linked to theme of artwork;
  • how a design is broken down by stages
  • correct use of a mount cutting system


What do I need to bring with me?

You do not need to bring any artwork with you.  For these projects to be manageable, all projects are completed to preset board dimensions and cannot be adjusted to accommodate individual pieces of art.  The aim is for you to complete a series of mount cutting examples rather than mount artwork you bring with you. For Information: each of the pieces when complete, will have an aperture measuring 257 mm x 150 mm. 

Lunch- There will be a break to allow students and tutor to have some lunch. Food is not provided and we would suggest you bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided during the day.


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