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UK School of Framing has a whole range of practical workshops and courses designed to support all levels of framer. Browse the whole programme.

Entry Level Courses

These courses get you started.This is your best starting point in learning how to frame pictures.  The two 1 day sessions outlined here will provide a sound skills and knowledge base to undertake most 2D framing projects. 


Basics of Framing

Mount Cutting & Decoration

Completing these two will also develop your self-confidence enough to try out some ideas of your own, as well as prepare you for the next stage: Development Level

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Development Level Courses

These courses move you on.The next stage is to extend your repertoire of framing skills.  Our next three training days are seen as fundamental for those wishing to offer bespoke framing as a means of earning an income from framing.

HOWEVER, as you will see from the course titles below, individual days will be of interest to those working with a particular medium or style / age of artwork.


3D (box) Framing

Conservation Framing

Framing Fabrics

Adding Decorative Finishes To Frames

These sessions can be bought as "stand-alone" training days even though they form part of the Business Development Week package

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Professional / Specialist Level Courses

These courses launch your business.The flagship of the DIYframing training programme is the Business Development Week.  In its complete form it is all of the Entry Level Courses plus all of the Development Level Courses and two Business Days.  It is possible to complete a Business Week spread over as long a period as you choose - or of course over just 7 days.  It is aimed at those wanting to develop picture framing as either a principal or additional source of income.


This level of the training programme now also includes 3 courses aimed at specific interest areas.


Business Development Week

Business Days 1 & 2

Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Artwork

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Specialist Courses

Specialist courses: a range of framing projects & masterclasses

As our programme develops, UK School of Framing will offer a range of specialist courses and master classes. These focus on specific aspects of framing or particular framing projects and will appeal to the more experienced or professional picture framer.



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