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A catalogue of downloadable, picture framing project files. New titles are added each month. All items are free for members to download as a PDF.  If you have not already registered as a DIYFraming member, you can use the link below to register.  Registration is free.


Project 1: Shadows & Depth - (members only)

project 1Create stunning artwork by adding extra depth to your work.  This project uses foam core spacers between layers in a triple mount to create a stunning effect.  It works particularly well with photographic, close up studies and portraiture.

Project 2: Egyptian Style - (members only)

Egyptian StyleThis project shows one method of framing an Egyptian Papyrus. It introduces a few ideas to add to your framing repertoire: cutting mounts with offset corners; pass through tabs for supporting the artwork.

Project 3: Picture Disc - (members only)

Picture This - project library framing a recordBased on Yvonne Milsome's framed Blondie picture disc and pendant, this project looks at some of the challenges she faced.  Details of products and skills used as well as alternative solutions to some of the challenges this type of piece brings.

Project 4: The Ugly Duckling - (members only)

Cross Stitch: New LookThis new project in the library is all about fabric framing. As well as giving practical methods for working with fabric based art, there is help with creating a more contemporary style of framing for this art form.

Project 5: Star Framing - (members only)

Project 5 Framing MedalsA popular type of project, under the memorabilia heading, is framing of medals.  In this project, as well as guidance about the practical elements of display, there are a couple of ideas to give a bit of a unique style. The end result is an imaginatively displayed (replica) World War II service medal.

Project 6a: Creative Design - (members only)

Framed Cross-StitchProject 6 shows three alternative ways for presenting a piece of needlecraft. This first design (6a) shown combines clean-cut, modern lines with fine elements of rich colours used in the artwork. A dark wood moulding is in sympathy with the subject of the cross-stitch but has the depth and crisp edges to allow it to work in a more minimal setting.

Project 6b: Solid Gold - (members only)

Project 6b - using fillets in a mountThe second of the three treatments of a piece of cross stitch uses spaced mounts with a gold fillet used to line window mount.

Project 6c: Paint Effects - (members only)

Project 6c - using paint finishes on mountsThe last in the series of designs opts for a bespoke colour palette and mount texture. Whilst similar ploys are used to the previous two designs for creating depth, here the emphasis is on a couple of simple skills for adding paint effects to mounts. Once these processes are understood, a whole range of possibilities opens up.

Project 7: Framing Makeover - (members only)

Project 7: Framing makeoverThis outlines a framing makeover project, turning small, acrylic paintings on board into more substantial decorative items.  Planning, proportions and design choices are the important features.

Project 8: Six of the Best (Intro, Options 1 & 2) - (members only)

Project 8This is the introductory sheet, providing an overview for the project.  Option one illustrates the impact that a thicker mount board (8 ply) can have, without needing much depth in the moulding rebate.  The second option described is for a triple mount where the top two layers run at the outside edge of the mount.

Project 8: Six of the Best (Option 3) - (members only)

Project 8

Cutting V-Grooves around a mount catches the light, creating a fine, sculpted effect.  This "option" describes two methods for planning, marking up and cutting v-grooves.

Project 8: Six of the Best (Options 4 & 5) - (members only)

Project 8Using deep bevel mounts (option 4) to give depth behind the glass is effective.  When care is taken to match the mount colour and face colour of the deep bevels, the impact is even greater. The second option looks at creating a similar depth from the glass, but this time using a limed slip moulding.

Project 8: Six of the Best (Option 6) - (members only)

Project 8Option 6 again deals with depth away from the glass but reveals how to split a triple mount up and varying the depth of spacer between each layer of mount board.

Project 9: Bold With The Gold - (members only)

Bold with the GoldThis project uses a bold choice of colour and textures to provide a bit of oppulence to a print. It combines use of stong mount colours with a the calming effect of a more neutral border. Using a reverse cut moulding to line the mount, added depth behind the glass has to be created.

Project 10: Frame Decoration - (members only)

Framing Project 10This is a suite of 3 similar projects, each one with the aim of showing how to create unique pieces of framed artwork.  Whilst the items being framed have no great value, when finished, they become decorative pieces with real impact.

Project 11: Military Memories - (members only)

Project 11In this project we present a group of 2D & 3D objects (medal, blazer badge & photo), each in its own aperture and with appropriate depths for each item.  The aim is also to bring them together with a “unified look”.

Project 12a: Simply Styled Series - (members only)

Inlay MountNEW The 3 projects (12a-12c) are ideally suited to those relatively new to framing.  The skills involved, while a little more creative, are actually quite simple (with a little practice).  The aim is to make good moulding choices, linked to mount cutting & presentation, in order to give some interesting looks to your projects. The first of these adds a flush fitting, coloured strip around the edge of the mount "window".

Project 12b: Simply Styled Series - (members only)

Project 12b: V-grooveNEW In the second of our Simply Styled projects we show a great combination using a bright, silver cushion moulding and a simple, single mount.  The emphasis is on "sculpted lines": the grooves in the moulding are reflected in the V-groove in the mount.  V-grooves look great in textured, pale colour boards, where the effect of the light brings a subtle yet striking feature to the piece.

Project 12c: Simply Styled Series - (members only)

Project 12cNEW In the final project in the Simply Styled series are keeping the look quite crisp and light inside the frame, a minimal border highlighting the painting with two, fine, coloured edges to the aperture.  This then allows us to use a richer, more ornamented moulding to set the whole thing off. Spacers are used to create the depth needed behind the glass.

Project 13: Never Forget

Never ForgetNEW This project was first demonstrated at our Open Day Seminars in February 2017. It shows how to group a variety of 2D & 3D items, together in a single framed presentation.  Items in quetiosn are a photograph, printed copy of POW post card, cap badge and medal.  The aim is to provide a cntemporary look for an historical collection.

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