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If you have ever wondered about whether it is possible to start from scratch and turn an interest into a way of life, these studies will interest you.  We are building up articles expressing first hand experience of how individuals have approached this particular "journey".  For some it is a steady path running alongside their daily work.  For others they have completely branched off and taken the chance to change their whole working life and environment.  Who knows, maybe you will be inspired?

George Park

George Park was one of the first people to train with DIYframing.  Because of that, we have followed his business development with great interest.  There has always been a quiet determination to succeed.  He takes great care in his work, which is readily recognised by a growing stream of returning customers.  In just a couple of years, Dreamcatcher Framingco has gone from an idea to being a home-based business.  A cause for understandable personal pride is that every stage, design and practical developments are down to George's, and his wife's, own skills and vision.

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Mike - A Photographer

Mike's story is one that will ring an alarming number of bells with people, who have been working long hours and who are feeling more and more jaded with life.  It illustrates how difficult to make the first step might be, but once taken, a whole new horizon of opportunity becomes immediately visible.

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Zuné Van Niekirk - An Accountant

In this instance we describe a slightly different starting point.  Unhappy with the daily "office" grind, Zuné knows there must be something better.  A first idea changes when she re-visits her past interest in framing ... then everyhing just comes together. 

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The Eden Project - Beach Hut Gallery

Mark Eden recently returned to the Isle of Wight, moving out of his job as a computer engineer, to establish himself as an art photographer, running a gallery and marketing his own framed work.  This is the full study of how Mark Eden works from the Beach Hut Gallery on the Isle of Wight.

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Photo Framing - Ian Oliver

This is definitely the first of our case studies, in which we have featured somebody who has started up as a bespoke framer, having taken part in one of our business development weeks.  In fairness, Ian was already thinking along the lines of developing his framed photography as part of his new career, quite a while before he happened across DIYframing.

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La Petite Galerie

This is a case study with a difference.  There are no sheds, photographers and very little framing.  The shed becomes a small, art gallery; the photographer a young mum with an eye for artwork; framing? .. learning the basics to know what works well, but then sub-contracting that out.  And all of this is set in Switzerland...a long way from Beaconsfield and DIYframing, you might think.   This is about Sharrin Joos and her the picture gallery she opened in a lakeside town in Switzerland.

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Putting You In The Picture

A personal view of what it takes to get the framing bug.  Rebecca Richardson tells all in an article first published in the Hobbycrafts Show Guide.

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Creative Craft Cabin

Jeanette White wanted to start her own business and searched long and hard for inspiration of what she could do. Jeanette had been a keen crafter for many years, enjoying cross-stitching and scrap booking. It seemed natural that she should do something she enjoyed, using her skills and decided to open a Craft Shop.

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Alan Forsyth - Photography, Framing & Life In Scotland

Of all the case studies we have shown, this is the first where it has been a “make or break” situation.  Alan had to find a way of making a living from his new businesses. No leisurely start-up, just plain, hard work until it takes off.

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Cherry Orchard Framers

Jan Doyle Case StudyJan Doyle, another new trainer with DIYframing remembers how her bespoke framing business got started.



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Seize The Day - Andy Cunningham

Andy Cunningham Case StudyAssistant headteacher and keen photographer Andy Cunningham, has developed his hobby and earns money from framing and photography ... without giving up the day job.

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David Wilkie - Winning Framer

David Wilkie Case StudyDavid Wilkie is an experienced picture framer, who really has risen to the top.  Winning 7 Fine Art Trade Guild framing prizes, the enjoyment remains in his work 15 years down the line.  This is how it started.

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Frames Down On The Farm

AR - Bespoke Picture FramingThe amount of times DIYframing has been called DIY farming would probably not be a massive surprise.  An easy mistake to make.  So it had to happen at some point that we managed to find a keen framer who is setting up their business in the farming community.

Alison Ridley is that person. 

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Yvonne's Brilliant Framing Project

Earning money from framing can gradually creep up on you.  Could this be the final piece of a jigsaw launching a new creative career.  Yvonne Milsome outlines a challenging framing project she carried out for one of her customers - her husband!

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Bystock Framing - Quality Framers of Devon

Janet Rudkin director Bystock FramingJanet Rudkin is one of the winners from our Summer Holiday photo framing competition. Here's how she's turning her hobby into a thoroughly professional business.

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Deepwell Framing

Deepwell FramingIn the dim and distant past, DIYframing ran a picture framing weekend in Glasgow. Among the 10 strong contingent taking part in our first Scottish training was Tim. Since then, as well as being a loyal DIYframer, Tim has ended up with his own framing business: he has the van to prove it! This is Tim’s story of Deepwell Framing.

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Art Gekko - On The Art Trail

Art Gekko at SpitalfieldsArt Gekko is all about bringing vibrant pieces of art to the UK from sources all around the world. This must be one of the quickest routes we have ever featured at DIYframing, of a business moving so effectively from the planning stage to trading.

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Gillian Sloan, GCF: newly appointed

Gillian Sloan Imaging & FramesGillian Sloan & Gwyn Moses have been stalwarts of DIYframing since the framing bug took hold in January 2008. It started with Gwyn booking a weekend’s training as a birthday present, in Beaconsfield, with Alex. Not only did Gill enjoy this new venture, she also turned out to be pretty good at it.  She is the latest of our trainees to have prgressed in her framing to achieve the Fine Arts Trade Guild, Guild Commended Framer (GCF) award.

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Pound Barn Gallery

Pound Barn GalleryMichael and Jane Evans have turned outbuildings in the grounds of their Gloucestershire home into a gallery and exhibition centre.  As they have kitted out the gallery space with STAS hanging systems, we asked them to tell us about the background to the gallery and how they started the whole thing up.

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Geoff Baylis on Photography & Framing

Geoff BaylisPut simply, Geoff Baylis intends to move to Devon in the very near future, set up his photography and framing business and enjoy being his own boss. After 40 years of a daily, London commute, the thought of being able to work from home, choosing when to work on photography and framing is highly appealing. It gives the chance to balance the longer hours and order book demands with taking time off when it suits: the opportunity to be totally in control of that “work / life” balance.

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Freebird Framing on Record

Freebird FramingNEW Of the many case studies we have featured, Freebird Framing is a truly unique example of how DIYframing was one essential part of a business idea, that is beginning to fulfil a real ambition. One year after their training weekend with DIYframing in Maidstone, Peter and Jo Turvey opened for business as Freebird Framing, from their gallery and workshop at a Worcestersire craft centre.  Peter’s passion is music and the USP at Freebird Framing is framing vinyl records.

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Cornish Cream

Edgemoor FramingNEW It’s rare that we get a chance to introduce a new framer just as their business is going live.  Even rarer to be able to illustrate a complete timeline of under 6 months (since November 2012): Business Development Week, then Canvas Stretching training, learning how to frame sports shirts through to launching his business, Edgemoor Framing, based in Delabole, North Cornwall. 

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Stourbridge on Sea: Story of a Pop-Up Shop

From signing up for a framing weekend in the middle of February 2013, through finalising a deal for a 2 month contract on a Stourbridge shop in March, to its opening in early May, Kevin Street didn't let the grass grow.

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Beavering Away: Rob McRae Makes It His Business

Rob McRaeNEW There is no single, linear method of going from complete novice to developing a framing business.  It is always a mixture of what skills you already have, what you have started to do for yourself, making good choices and taking opportunities as they arise.  Rob McRae trades under the business name of Beaver Products, which is fundamentally a framing gallery / workshop.

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