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Information Sheets

This is a library of information sheets and documentation to help make decisions about products, kit and materials.

Which Mount Cutter Should I Choose?

An overview of Logan Mount Cutting systems with prices and general product specification.

View "Which Mount Cutter Should I Choose?"

Framing Kit Options (Price List)

A comparison of the range of framing kits compiled by DIYframing to suit all: from novice to professional.

Glazing Sheet

A list of glass products, prices and discounts available.

View "Glazing Sheet"

How Much Moulding Ready Reckoner

This ready reackoner provides a quick guide to the amount of mouliding you require for a framing project. All you need are glass size height and glass size width dimensions for your project.

View "How Much Moulding Ready Reckoner"

Framing Project Planner

This is the planning sheet we use with people on our Entry Level framing courses. Now features a Landscape or Portait option.

View "Framing Project Planner"

Current Training List

This is the latest list of training workshops and venues around the UK.  

Training Kit List & Order Form

Print out illustrating kit used on our Art & Photography Framing weekends.  It lists current prices and popular options to upgrade.

To buy and find the equipment used on the basic of framing & mount cutting & decoration course CLICK HERE

View "Training Kit List & Order Form"

STAS Multirail Accessories

Link to a PDF file featuring detailed information about the range of bulbs, lighting armatures and transformers available for use with the Multirail system.  It also features guidance on making the correct choices for your needs.

View "STAS Multirail Accessories"

Additional Mouldings August 2016

A chance to view, in one place, the new mouldings we have added to the various categories in our range.

View "Additional Mouldings August 2016"

Clamping Narrow Mouldings in a Studio Joiner Vice

The Studio Joiner is an incredibly versatile, simple to use bit of kit.  It can be used to create large or small frames perfectly as long as the mitres have been cut (and trimmed) well.  Limitations to the maximum width of the moulding are noted in support materials, but working with mouldings where the back of the profile is narrower than 10 mm can be a problem.This sheet offers help in how to work with these types of moulding.

View "Clamping Narrow Mouldings in a Studio Joiner Vice"

Using A Double Sided ATG Tape Dispenser

help with using the Double Sided ATG Tape Dispenser.

View "Using A Double Sided ATG Tape Dispenser"

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