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The Basics:Starting in Framing

If you are new to framing, you need to know where and how you are going to start. The following articles will give you a clear and concise route to making sucessful professional looking frames as a hobbyist or a professional.


Welcome to DIY Framing

A short description of what the article is about!

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A short introduction to the terms used in framing.

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Foam Core Panels - Preparing Fabric Based Art for Framing - (members only)

This article describes three simple methods of preparing and attaching fabric based artwork ready for framing using foam core panels.  Whilst this piece provides an overview, there are links to Handy Hints Sheets dealing in more detail with particular aspects of planning this type of framing project.

Equipment Needed

What tools are required to make a frame?  
You only need very few tools to get started, but what you purchase is very important. Here is a list of tools that will help you get started at what ever level you wish to begin. 

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Materials Needed

What materials are needed in framing?

Just as with the tools, whilst there are only a few areas to think about, the choice within those categories is vast.  This section helps you to know a little bit more about what to look for.

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Hobby, home business or full gallery its all the way with Diyframing.

What would make you want to do your own framing? DIYframing explores the different levels of framing and where you fit in.

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Best Joiners & Underpinners

Although we do have some simple joining tools for working with light-weight mouldings for small frames, the tools featured below offer a range taking you from simple beginnings to professional kit.  Do remember that for very best mitre joins, you first need to have made accurate, clean mitre cuts first.   

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