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Adding Decorative Finishes To Frames.21/Mar/2020


This is an exploration of the materials, resources and some special techniques that can be used to add creative finishes to bare faced mouldings. It provides people with the chance to try out and combine colouring agents and finishes. Practical workshops also take you through a step by step guide to a range of paint effect techniques.

There is a series of projects undertaken through the day. These  run concurrently building a range skills when working with colour on natural wood mouldings.  Three key underlying approaches are explored:

1. Applying a gesso base to provide a lighter look and more varied "patina" to a frame;
2. Priming mouldings to create a base that can allow a whole range of paint effects to be applied;
3. Working with natural mouldings directly, where the grain has an important part to play in the final finish

By creating a range of "finished" chevron samples you will extend your repertoire of basic preparation / finishing techniques as well as working directly with a wide and varied range of products.

 The core skills are:

  • Priming moulding for paint finishes
  • applying gesso
  • working with a range of colouring media
  • Choosing a colour palette
  • Ragged paint effects
  • Sponged effects
  • Masking off areas
  • Picking out highlights (gilt cream / gilt varnish)
  • Adding a suitable "finish" to protect the moulding

For more information and course details, click: ADDING DECORATIVE FINISHES TO FRAMES


Course Summary

Skill level: Development, Professional / Home Business
Venue: High Wycombe
Tutor: Linnette Bell, GCF
Date: 21/Mar/2020
Places available: 10
Cost (per person): £146.25 plus VAT

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