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Mount Cutting & Decoration18/Oct/2020


This is the partner to the Basics of Framing Course.  Although most people who try the mount cutting have done the Basics of Framing course, it still works just as well as a day’s training on its own. Good quality mounts are the essential creative element in how framed pictures look.  Different colour choices, cutting styles and how pieces of artwork are shown together make a framed piece look more dynamic.

On this day we show you:

  • A whole range of decorative mount styles and colour  possibilities
    basic cut techniques using a mount-cutting system;
  • how simple skills can be used imaginatively to produce a number of mount effects: double mount; reverse bevel; offset corner; combination mounts;
  • how to plan, mark out and cut a mount with multiple openings for groups of photos;
  • the use of a circle / oval cutter to create simple vignettes;
    creating deep bevel mounts using foam core board with taped edges;
  • The effects are stunning and by the end of the day you will have several pieces of your own work ready for framing.

For more information and course details, click: MOUNT CUTTING & DECORATION



Skill level: Beginners / Hobbyist
Venue: Cambridgeshire (Horseheath)
Tutor: Mark Higgins
Date: 18/Oct/2020
Places available: 10
Cost (per person): £125.00 plus VAT