Everything For A New Buiness

Is next year the one where you make the break? There has been a massive interest in the whole concept of turning framing into a business enterprise over the last few years. Some people want it as an additional source of income, some use framing to support the marketability of another product: for example framing memorabilia or their own artwork. And others have homed in on bespoke framing to provide the central feature of a small business and completely re-invent their lifestyle.

There is never one complete toolkit that will cover every framing project you will be asked to take on. However, at DIYframing we have always prided ourselves in being able to offer a range of kits, each one providing you with everything you need to take on your first projects. These kits have taken account of the amount of orders / projects you are likely to bring in, the budget you have available, the workspace you will be using and your own skill levels. All kits have been brought together using the products most suited to those factors outlined and are heavily discounted. Another, very important factor is that they have been put together based on the experience and knowledge of people who, themselves, started doing their own framing from kitchen tables and garden sheds ... and have survived to tell the tale!

So, now that people are looking to expand their framing empires and / or start by developing framing as a major part of their income, it is important to devise a similar approach when looking at the first of our "professional" kits. We had already made a start by trying to establish the three major elements of the kit that every professional framer needs: mountcutter, underpinner and moulding chopper. This was difficult at first because finding suppliers of well priced, good quality tools who were also reliable with deliveries etc made the search take a little longer than anticipated. That is now sorted and, again, we have chosen tools which can be accommodated in a relatively small workshop space and are all manually operated. The next stage was to turn this basic "threesome" into a complete workshop kit: once delivered you can start working.

The result is the new Series 100 Pro-Workshop. Main tools are:

  • Charnwood Chopper ( & spare chopper blades)
  • Alpha Underpinner
  • Logan 655 framers edge
  • Charnwood tab gun
  • Toyo glass cutter
  • Logan 40" Adapta Rule

... and in addition to the tools are:

  • 1 box 10mm v nails
  • 500 d-rings
  • 500 screws
  • 500m cord
  • 5 sheets styrene (plastic glass)
  • 5 sheets mdf
  • 5 sheets (56 cm (22") x 81.5 cm (32" )) mountboard
  • £30 worth of moulding
  • full sets of moulding and mount samples
  • PVA glue
  • 100 bumper pads

 Normal retail price of separate items would be £2720.59. As a kit, the price has been discounted at £ 2500.00

Posted on: 11 Dec 2006@10:23:14, updated on: 11 Dec 2006@10:23:14.