Back Ache? Get A Workbench!

The first thing to “go” when doing more than just the occasional bit of picture framing is your back.  This is frequently as a result of working at the wrong height.  Kitchen tables and even workmate style benches allow you to do the job, but try staying there for 5 or 6 hours, for a couple of days and the problems start.

Ideally, you should have work surfaces at roughly hip-height … yours of course.  Even kitchen work tops are at a more comfortable height than tables.  Finding a suitable workbench which doesn’t cost a small fortune is not easy and making your own may not be an option.

The best solution we have found is a self assembly workbench, which uses metal legs, supports and bracing.  Everything taps into position with no need for nuts and bolts; although the occasional whack from a rubber mallet helps to make joints tight.  It has an adjustable shelf, which also provides added stability to the finished structure. Surfaces are made from thick, chipboard: the panels just drop into place.  DIYframing has used these at the last 4 trade shows, which we have attended.  We found them to be sturdy, spacious and very comfortable to work at. They are especially appreciated when demonstrating the mount cutters, which is always a killer on the back after 4 or 5 hours.

During our training sessions we always identify the size of work table as being a prime limiting factor in the size of framing project you can undertake. Two of these workbenches together give you a firm work surface 1.4m x 1.2 m, accommodating any job using sheet materials at the maximum dimensions readily available. 

These workbenches may not be the most elegant pieces of workshop furniture but they do the job perfectly, much better than many other solutions, and only cost £59.57 (+ vat) per unit.

Click the following link to see the benches on our website:  WORKBENCH

Posted on: 7 Feb 2007@12:35:00, updated on: 7 Feb 2007@12:39:13.