Chop Service (as recommended)

There has been a real upsurge in orders for mouldings since we redesigned the web pages.  Not so much based on direct feedback, much more on orders placed, the new design is much clearer and is obviously providing you with the detail you need to make the right choices.  A number of you have already found the "pack order" service invaluable, but the meteoric rise of a little star (sorry about the mixed metaphors) is the use of the chop service. 

There are advantages of this type of service.  For some it will be because you only do occasional framing and by ordering pre-cut lengths of moulding, it means that you won’t need to buy one area of kit right away: saws and mitre trimmers.  It also makes framing even easier as a table-top activity. Some of you will want to do most of their own work, but some mouldings may be a bit too heavy, wide or ornate to work on with your current set up.  A third group will be those, who occasionally use an expensive moulding and therefore are a little bit wary of making mistakes - at £1.00 per corner it works out cheaper than messing up with a £7.00+ per metre moulding.

One definite convert is Paul Blanchard, who does do his own framing, but currently does not want to carry a wide range of stock.  Here are his comments about the chop service.

"Hello all, sorry you've not been able to get hold of me but I've been on the dreaded night shift! (I do have a 'normal job too!) Just taken delivery of yet another big box! So I thought I'd give some feed back for the first lot of chop service mouldings - superb!  Well worth a quid a corner and the time saving is great.  Definitely the way to go for me as I don't (can't!) hold any stock. That’s not to say I won't be making any frames from scratch though. I have been buying moulding oddments … great for one off jobs... I've attached a few pictures of a job I've just finished for a friend (with the last order of mouldings), he's a rock climber (as am I) and wanted these sunset pictures doing - they look great don't they?"

IMPORTANT NOTE: the largest length we can package for sending out in the chop service is 1.4 m OUTSIDE EDGE.

Posted on: 21 May 2007@07:29:03, updated on: 21 May 2007@07:38:53.