Step Up A Gear

The name DIYframing may suggest that we are only interested in supporting people working on a small scale or producing occasional frames. Nothing could be further from the truth. We believe framing to be a highly creative process and top quality should be achieved no matter how few or how many framing projects you take on. Admittedly, we do have a lot of customers, who have found us because we can accommodate people only needing small amounts of materials and smaller scale tools.

However, the truth is we have a number of people joining us who are moving into the bespoke framing business or are looking to add unique elements to their existing range of services. So here are a few thoughts to show how we can help your business to thrive.

FRAMING: Many people will be familiar with the standard styles of framing. However, bespoke work is a bit more time consuming, which means that not all framers are willing to take it on. Offering specialist services will increase your customer base. They will choose a skilled framer who can work with their ideas rather than being persuaded to choose from a narrow range of options that the framer is comfortable with. So extend your repertoire and look at some of the courses we have on offer:

Make something look extra special and they will tell friends and be back for more.

ADDING TO YOUR PORTFOLIO: As well as using our training programme to help you add a little bit of creative drama to standard framing, consider how you can create new products /services, which you can then offer existing customers. Wedding and portrait photographers can take advantage of the latest fashion for stretched canvas blocks – unframed or with a simple tray frame. You could then think of other items for framing:

  • wedding cake decorations;
  • invitations and place settings; the wedding bouquet (once correctly prepared);
  • wedding shoes ....

Or how about combining photos of events and trophies all in one frame? Again check out the course range above to see if these might help you. If you are stuck for new ideas, find out about the Business Day 2 of our Business Development Week. It works very well as a stand-alone, ideas day.

OUR PRODUCT RANGE: We offer a complete range of top quality professional kit that won’t break the bank. A good way of moving up from small scale to a framing workshop (or adding framing to current premises) is to see what our Series 100 Pro Workshop kit has to offer.

All of our product range is available in bulk quantities but without having to buy and store by the palette load. You can keep your workshop and storage space smaller so you don’t have to pay to operate from large premises. The whole range is also more focussed, which means you don’t have to trawl through massive choices for each area of framing: we have already selected good, value for money products.

Our moulding range can be ordered by the pack, passing on huge savings without having to make new trade contacts. The same applies to our range of mount boards available in full and half sheets – you don’t have to buy a pack of each colour that you might want to use.

Of course, if you do more bespoke work, the chances are that you will not want to order vast quantities of some items just to complete an individual project – and that really is a DIYframing speciality.

Posted on: 8 Jun 2007@10:18:36, updated on: 8 Jun 2007@10:18:36.