Art Materials Live Show

Although we will be attending other shows before the Art Materials Live Show at the NEC Birmingham, this one is the last of the year, where we will also be running seminars and demonstrations.  Art Materials Live has rapidly grown into one of the top national trade shows for the arts industry and individuals alike.  We will be running 3 daily events: 2 on our own stand and a third in one of the main exhibition lecture theatres.  Sessions will run each day of the show (8th - 11th November, NEC Birmingham).

Titles and detalils are:

How to Frame a Picture – in just 45 minutes  (Lecture Theatre 11.15 – 12.00)
This year DIYframing goes back to basics, showing you the skills, tools and resources needed to complete a framing project.  Using a range of simple table top framing tools, we will demonstrate the sequence of steps needed to create a frame, working from the dimensions of a mounted image in order to cut and trim moulding lengths, right through to cutting the glass and how to tie the cord for hanging it.  Alongside the practical demonstration will be a commentary offering explanations of each step and useful tips to bear in mind.  And all in just 45 minutes.  Bring a notebook and pen – you’ll need it.

Making Framed Artwork Look Fantastic – 10 Ideas to Try (STAND 13.00 – 14.00)
We have launched a suite of new courses ideally suited to artists framing for themselves or framers wanting to do more creative, bespoke work.  This presentation draws together some of the ideas developed in these sessions to highlight some cunning little projects you could try for yourself.  Come and sit on our stand over the lunchtime period and go away inspired with some clever ways to liven up your framing. As a taster of what we are intending to do, here’s a few of the ideas covered: the use of slips and fillets; colour lines and colour fills. That should be enough to whet your appetite. 

Making The Most of Mount Cutters (STAND 14.30 – 15.30)
If you want to cut your own mounts, you don’t have to limit yourself to single mounts. As well as reminding you how to make a simple, single aperture mount we will use a range of different mount-cutting tools to illustrate 5 different mount styles: double mount; angled corners; off-set corners; shadow mount; circle / oval mounts.  This session is packed with practical ideas and hints for everybody interested in the presentation of artwork

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