Get In The Groove

A stylish way to add a decorative feature to a mount is by creating a v-groove.  What this does is to remove a bevelled section, in a line, out of the front of the mountboard, revealing a cut-away section of white core.  This sculpted line has mainly been only accessible through a skilful system of a normal bevel edge cut followed by a reverse bevel, either side of a line, or by using specialist cutters, attached to the more expensive board mounted, cutting systems.  In other words, whichever way you look at it, v-grooving was a more specialised technique.

There have been other types of hand-held v-groovers that have tried to corner this market for the “home framer”.  However, these can be an acquired taste if they are to be used successfully and consistently.  Snags in corners of line runs and difficulty setting the blades accurately for clean cuts were some of the more frequently cited complaints.

So for Logan to launch a new bit of kit aimed exactly at that market could be seen as quite a brave move.  The Groovy mouse is their solution to attracting the home market into this type of mount decoration.  It has a “fun” design rooting it more in the “creative” rather than the formal end of the market: it even has its own tail. Joking apart though, it is a relatively simple gadget to use.  It has its own corner gauge, not only allowing you to locate marks for the start and finish of each v-cut, but it also helps you position where to line up a Logan Adapt-a-Rule (or similar), along which it can run.  Initial efforts show that the scalpel style blades used to make each side of the v-section cuts are of a good quality, leaving a clean edge to the groove.  It also has a “cut-off” blade so that when you come to the end of a run, a push on the magic button and you have a clean-cut end to the line - no more puckers and tears.

It doesn’t actually end there.  The Groovy Mouse is a versatile little creature.  As well as the straight line, traditional v-groove borders, it can perform a few other tricks.  First of all, because it is a hand-held system, its movements are not restricted to straight lines. You can create any type of border around an aperture: it is a good idea to practise the design first and even lightly mark a “travel-line” on the board you intend to decorate.  As with all things, practice makes perfect.   The last of its talents is to let you use it as a freestyle aperture cutter.  If you want to create a “reveal” in a mountboard, that isn’t rectangular (or a circle / oval), then Groovy Mouse is the beast for you.  By simply removing one of the blades and setting the other so that it cuts completely through the mount board, you are then able to cut a “window” from the mount board in whatever shape you like.

All in all then, the Logan Groovy Mouse does seem to be a good little gadget to use.  Its versatility is not the only thing it has going for it; priced at just £24.99, it is not going to break the bank.  At the moment it is also available from us in the Groovy Mount Kit, which includes some other mount decoration gear and mountboard.

For more information or to order click: Logan Groovy Mouse

Posted on: 15 Dec 2007@11:32:50, updated on: 15 Dec 2007@11:32:50.