Experience the Totally Ultimate Framing Course


Totally ultimate framing weekend, basics of framing, mount cutting & decoration, Frame finishes, canvas stretching, picture framing

Made up of four key elements of our training package, this exciting workshop programme gives you all you need to frame artwork and photography behind glass, on board or on canvas. An experience not to be missed and arranged in an easily accessible, central location in the midlands: Nuneaton, 18th - 21st January 2008.

The building blocks for the package are: Basics of Framing, Mount Cutting & Decoration, Stretching Canvas Based Artwork and Frame Finishes courses (click on highlighted titles for more detail).

You can either book the full 4 days or sign up for any individual part (or combination). Ideal for artists and photographers alike - do the full Monty (hats on of course!).

Posted on: 17 Dec 2007@09:41:15, updated on: 29 Dec 2007@15:17:00.