Framing Canvases - Now Its Personal

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your own artwork hanging on a wall.  Framed canvases make a big statement and are capturing everybody’s imagination as a way of personalising a room, making it look more exciting.

Imagine being able to do that with your own photography.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a keen amateur or renowned professional; whether you are hanging a holiday snap or creating a wedding portrait – you can frame it for yourself.

All you need to do is learn how to plan and make a stretcher frame, stretch and attach your photo-canvas and then finish it off, as a canvas wrap or using a box / tray frame. Sounds complicated?  Many people take the time and invest in training to develop their imaging skills.  Why not do the same with learning how to frame?

“It is not just because it saves you money in the long term,” says DIYframing CEO, Duncan McDonald, “Doing your own framing makes you totally in control of how your artwork looks – no compromise!”

Among the latest additions to the DIYframing training programme is The Ultimate Art & Photography Framing Weekend.  Three days that take complete novices through a whole series of picture framing and mount cutting activities, culminating in how to work with canvas prints. 

Most recently DIYframing has worked with specific businesses, to market, jointly, “bespoke” training days.  As a commercial enterprise it makes good sense. It can help to promote a particular way of working for staff and franchises, or to show customers how they can make best use of an exciting service. 

“If you print images, why not help customers learn how to frame them?” Duncan goes on to say, “We know we can offer the best training, in all aspects of picture framing.  We are really interested in making these commercial links.  Working with specific businesses, we can market training directly to a new customer base, giving them exactly what they really want.”

This is an area that is becoming increasingly more relevant to a whole range of artwork and linked services.  Until recently it would be assumed that canvas stretching and framing are associated with oil and acrylic painting.  The modern trend for digital imaging means that more and more artwork, especially photography, is now being printed onto canvas.  As a result many more of us are becoming used to working on a larger scale to create exciting pieces of artwork.

In our Articles library we have a feature providing general guidance linked with stretching and framing canvases, and the key areas to consider.    To read the full article click: Introduction To Stretching Canvases

Also, if you are interested in pursuing canvas work further, find out about training available: click – Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Artwork.

Next dates are:

18th February, Beaconsfield (day 3 of) Ultimate Art & Photography Framing Weekend


Posted on: 20 Dec 2007@09:35:51, updated on: 20 Dec 2007@09:35:51.