Basically, Creative Framing

In amongst all of the other things we are up to, we have been putting a full list of training dates on line, taking you up to Christmas.  There are some who may be missing out on getting started with framing, simply because we don’t quite have the training package you are after.

However, we have now come up with some interesting combinations (a very old double entendre from the pre-Carry On era).  In a Featured Framing category, we have linked the Basics of Framing day with some of our specialist courses, so that, over a weekend, you can get started with framing to suit your particular interest.  The content has also been adjusted to take account of the fact that some taking part will be complete novices.


The titles to watch out for are: (click title for more)

Of course, you can do this for yourself at other times by signing up for the particular titles you want from the general list: they just won’t be on following days or over one weekend.  A perfect example would be to have a go at Basics of Framing followed by the Framing Memorabilia special on April 17th, Beaconsfield.

These specials could also serve as a perfect refresher weekend.  If you have not yet started framing after one of our training weekends and could do with a confidence-building re-run, these sessions let you practice the basic principles again, while learning a new set of skills.

Posted on: 3 Mar 2008@08:49:26, updated on: 3 Mar 2008@09:18:16.