Pack It In

We often have inquiries about complete framing packages:
“I want to start doing my own framing.  What are the best courses to do?” 

That is always a difficult one, because everybody has their own particular idea of what they are likely to be framing.  However, it is possible to draw attention to some groupings we do put together which seem to provide some ideal starts.

The easiest starting point is with one of the “Basics Weekends”.  These are often published as Photography and Art Framing weekends and will get you a point where you could mount and frame almost any type of 2D work in a whole range of styles.  Don’t feel left out if you are a needle crafter, these are for you too, but it may be good to try our Fabric Framing course to complete the picture (another bad pun). These basics weekends are made up of our two entry level courses:
  1. Basics of Framing
  2. Mount Cutting & Decoration

Another package extends into framed canvases, which is becoming increasingly popular with images being so easily printed onto canvas.  You can pick up the canvas stretching & framing day after completing the basics workshops, or you can look for our “Ultimate Framing Weekend" package which is a 3 day course:
  1. Basics of Framing
  2. Mount Cutting & Decoration
  3. Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Artwork.

The final of our “Start Up” deals is the “Totally Ultimate Framing Weekend”.  This starts with the 3 workshops already described and adds a final day exploring how to add bespoke finishes to framing: Adding Decorative Finishes To Frames.

So while there is no single answer, we have tried to provide a range of logical combinations and progressions to help you get going.  Depending how much time you can spend in one block, you could be framing quicker than you might think.

Of course you could always pick and mix the days that you want.

Next chances to do Canvas Framing and / or Frame Finishes are: (click for details)

Manchester: Totally Ultimate Framing Weekend, 9th – 12th May
Beaconsfield: Ultimate Framing Weekend, 17th – 19th May
Beaconsfield: Basically Creative Framing, 21st – 22nd June (day two is Adding Decorative Finishes)
Nuneaton: Totally Ultimate Framing Weekend, 29th August – 1st September
Exeter: Ultimate Framing Weekend, 26th – 28th September


Posted on: 4 Apr 2008@11:09:00, updated on: 4 Apr 2008@11:09:00.