Take Your Time


The idea behind our Business Development Weeks is to provide an opportunity to go from being a complete novice to being able to take orders for picture framing in one 7 day block.  In fact we have just completed another highly successful training week with the potential for several new businesses to develop.  Of the seven people starting Business Day 1, 5 stayed for all days, seven completed Business Day 1 & 2 and then we had others joining the group for some of the practical days.

So, it is quite clear that not everybody can organise their time in the same way.  Work, family and other commitments quite naturally influence what you sign up for. Also, some will want to pick up the more specialised practical skills for new framing projects, without needing to find out about the business side. Others of you will have difficulty taking a whole week away from work (and home).

It is up to us to find more flexible ways of letting you access our workshops.  As a result we decided to offer an exciting new way of completing our Business Development training programme without having to book time off work.  It also means that, for the first time ever, we are offering weekends for completing one or two of the "development level" courses:  3D Framing; Conversation Framing; Framing Fabric.

Have a look at the full listing below.  We hope this will give you a chance to try something different: make sure you book up quickly to avoid disappointment.

  • Basics of Framing : 28th June           
  • Mount Cutting & Decoration: 29th June
  • Business Day 1 (Getting Organised): 5th July           
  • 3D (box) Framing: 6th July
  • Conservation Framing: 12th July
  • Framing Fabric: 13th July
  • Business Day 2 ( Generating Business): 19th July

View the full programme by clicking BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WEEK.  You will be able to find details about individual sessions and the full programme.  Links from there will allow you to book places.

Alternatively contact us on 0800 801061 0r email info@diyframing.com

Posted on: 5 May 2008@08:49:31, updated on: 5 May 2008@10:03:30.