UK School of Framing @ DIYframing

U.K. School of FramingIn many ways the whole idea of teaching people how to do their own picture framing was a direct response to customer need:  "We've got the tools - now what do we do with them?"  It has always been the intention to make quality picture framing a hallmark of our courses, no matter how simple the kit being used.  Five years on, that core idea remains the same. However, the concept of showing people how to frame their own artwork has grown out of all proportion - way beyond just learning how to use the tools.


That is why we are launching the UK School of Framing under its own name.  It is all about establishing a clear identity.  So, DIYframing is where you go for tools, materials and framing resources: UK School of Framing is where you learn about picture framing.  It also reflects that change of emphasis.  The School can now take people from being a complete novice to preparing them for the Guild Commended Framer assessment. 

What does the UK School of Framing offer?  Here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • An easy to find base for learning about picture framing;
  • A suite of training modules planned to build, in increasing depth, skills and knowledge of picture framing; 
  • The flexibility for customers to build a programme of training from the 1 day modules, to suit individual interests and art backgrounds
  • The opportunity to work through these modules at the pace wanted;
  • Support of national and international professional art and framing groups;
  • News, articles and information sheets from the heart of the picture framing world
  • One-off specialist courses;

A new range of learning materials: training manuals, distance learning packages and library of framing projects (explained).

In short we can take people way past simply framing for themselves under the UK School of Framing banner (or UKSoF as it is affectionately known). You will also guess the reason for not sticking with our initial name - First UK School of Framing.  Make sure you find the link on the new website home page.

Posted on: 9 Jun 2008@14:22:58, updated on: 9 Jun 2008@14:35:19.