Winners In Maidstone

Dot Penn: success on her prize winning day.

DIYframing recently ran a competition with Craft Focus Magazine to win a day's training with UK School of Framing. There were a number of winners and we talked to one of them when a group was training in Maidstone recently.

In amongst a pile of publications where she works, Dot Penn spotted the latest copy of Craft Focus Magazine. She noticed the piece about framing your own artwork, and read on, finally deciding to have a go at the competition.

"I dibble and dabble in all sorts of arts and crafts and I fancied having a go," explained Dot. "Right from the start I had a feeling that I was going to win."

The Basics of Framing training workshop she settled for will come in really useful. She has loads of pictures; some left to her by family as well as her own pieces. All are too good to get rid of. It has taken several years for her to organise it all, but she already has over 100 hanging. Most were framed by a contact in the business, although Dot has been buying up old frames from charity shops and a friend has been cutting them to size for her.

However, there are still many more pieces to work on. Dot loves doing things for herself and she is really excited about what her new skills will achieve. She now has her eye on the next project: re framing a number of her aunt's pictures. Doing her own framing will save money and help to extend her sewing hobby. She is also a cake decorator and can see a real challenge ahead. How do you frame hand coloured decorations such as flowers and plaques? DIYframing will have to do some research to help out.

Her training day was a great success. Dot really enjoyed its practical nature and the fact that you go home a beautifully framed picture. She feels much more confident about tackling her backlog of artwork. Friends, who saw the finished article, were really impressed; right down to the beautiful lime-wax finish. They thought that would take a course all of its own: in fact just 15 minutes. She's particularly pleased about learning how to cut glass and intends to practise on a few glass off-cuts, so that she is a real whizz with the cutter.

Dot loved the whole experience. "The course was brilliant and good fun. The others in the group were really interesting too. Now I'm just itching to get started. In fact it's my wedding anniversary today and my husband's buying me a mitre saw as an anniversary gift."

From what Dot has told us, it may just be the start of her shopping list.

Posted on: 12 Aug 2008@07:44:37, updated on: 12 Aug 2008@07:44:37.