The Art of Fine Framing

Complex pieces, Simple Techniques

David Wilkie at Open DayDavid Wilkie really inspired visitors to the DIYframing Open Day on Saturday 13th September. His two presentations gave a true insight into the fine art of picture framing, the care and thought involved in the very best work. He brought along a variety of his framed pieces showing the range and depth of his skills: from very simple, minimal looks to a more sculptural, almost architectural, style. It wasn't just the award winning mounts that caught our imaginations; it was how well the framing captured and reflected elements within the content, colour palette and design of the artwork itself.

Complex look but simple tecniquesAlthough David took time to explain how ideas came together, even the more complex pieces used some simple techniques. It is always possible that difficult routines appear easy, managed in expert hands, but from the responses of the packed training room, it was clear that people were inspired to try things for themselves.

So many ideas, explanations and "framing" knowledge were outlined by David in the two, 50 minute sessions. Many stayed on afterwards to ask questions and to look at his exhibition of picture framing. Obviously the sessions struck a real seam of interest among the artists, photographers and framers in the audience. For those wishing to find out even more, or to try things for themselves, the next stop has to be David's two master classes running in November.

Find out more about each of the sessions:

To avoid disappointment with bookings, please make sure you have reserved places on each class by 21st October.

Posted on: 16 Sep 2008@08:12:07, updated on: 16 Sep 2008@08:12:07.