Downloadable Moulding Catalogue

A brand new addition to the website is our mouldings catalogue. For each of the moulding types we have created a simple, downloadable file (PDF) so that you can see dimensions etc for each one*. To access these files, go to the mouldings page and select the "buy by the length" option for a particular moulding style. You will find a link at the end of the moulding description that opens the file in a new window.

free, downloadable catalogue of our full moulding range

You will also find all of the downloadable files for the full range of moulding styles listed in the right hand column on the general, mouldings pages of the site.

* Please remember the illustrations are a guide to colour, proportions etc and have not been produced to scale.

Posted on: 29 Dec 2008@09:42:54, updated on: 29 Dec 2008@09:42:54.