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Free to download: picture framing project sheets.UK School of Framing is launching the first project of what will eventually become a library of picture framing ideas.  Each month we will be creating a framed piece of artwork and providing an information sheet on how you can try it for yourself.  A bit like a recipe card, you will be given a list of "ingredients" and methods used, as well as any training that might help with some of the skills involved.

FREE Downloads For Members

The "Project Cards" can be downloaded as a PDF. They are aimed at people who are familiar with how to use their kit and understand the basic processes of picture framing.  There will, of course, be diagrams and illustrations but the explanations of methods are given in slightly broader terms than the "micro-steps" of the Handy Hints sheets.

The first idea deals with using shadows in your mounts to create a bit of depth to your picture.  It talks about adding spacers between mountboard layers, as well as making good creative choices for mouldings and mount colours. Click Shadows & Depth for a direct link.

In order to download these projects, you will need to be registered on the DIYframing website.

Always open to ideas, if you have a particular project you would like to see featured, please contact

Next project will feature a stunning way of presenting an Egyptian papyrus.

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