Brand New Product Launch

Foamwerk: design and framing toolsIt is rare that something brand new comes on to the market.  Even rarer is the chance to be in the front with its UK launch.  That's happened for DIYframing working with renowned mount cutter manufacturer, Logan Graphic, as the company launches its Foamwerk range of tools. Foam board is light weight, but structurally sturdy, making it ideal in framing projects: spacers; deep bevels; support & construction; box making etc.  An issue has always been how to get clean accurate cuts without tearing or puckering the core.

Foam board circle cutterThe Foamwerk range of tools has completely overcome that problem.  The straight edge, bevel edge and free style cutters will all have obvious applications for projects that we are already familiar with in bespoke framing.  Less obvious would be rebate cutters and v-groovers.  For these think structure rather than decoration.  Light-weight boxes for combination frames, where you might want to house one 3D item in a piece that also features 2D images.  Here, using a v-groove along a line allow foam board to be bent in on itself, making it possible to make a box out of one continuous panel of foam - no need to slice and tape.  Rebates in spacer strips will allow you to attach a colour backing into the back of your spacer system. 

Freestyle foam cutterIn fact, once you get going, there are all sorts of useful applications: circle cutters to create circular sink mounts.  How about freestyle, deep-bevel mounts? Would that work - definitely worth an experiment? Of course anybody in the design industry, stage management / set design and of course architects will see endless applications in their work. 

The only problem you are likely to find with these tools is hanging on to them.  Apart from the work applications and general craft uses, you will be losing out to your children taking them to finish off their design technology projects.

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Posted on: 3 Mar 2009@08:44:49, updated on: 3 Mar 2009@08:44:49.