Canvas at a Stretch

Canvas stretcher BarsThere is no noubt that there has been a massive growth in having images printed onto canvas, ready for framing. Within the next few weeks, we are hoping to add a complete new service to DIYframing: image upload and transfer.  This will mean that you can have your favourite shots transferred to art paper or canvas ready for you to do the rest with your framing.  To make sure you can work to the standard you want, as well as the stretcher profile moulding we already stock, we now have an exciting new suite of top quality stretcher bars. The range features 3 levels: professional, exhibition and museum.  The varying grades reflect the construction profile, size as well as cost.  It means that whether you are framing artwork for yourself, or for others, you will be able to ensure that it is correctly catered for in the materials you use. 


The bottom line will be that you can transfer images to canvas, buy all tools and materials to stretch and frame your work and even learn how to stretch and frame canvases yourself. The scope of service on offer from DIYframing will, in all probability, be unique. AND, of course, if you do still want somebody to stretch and frame your work for you, we will be offering that too.


Our next Canvas Stretching training session is 22nd June, Beaconsfield. Book now.

Posted on: 3 Mar 2009@10:01:14, updated on: 3 Mar 2009@10:01:14.