Like An Egyptian

Project 2: Framing an Egyptian Papyrus

Our next project card, as promised, shows one method of framing an Egyptian Papyrus.  It introduces a few ideas to add to your framing repertoire: cutting mounts with offset corners; pass through tabs for supporting the artwork.  The design aims to conjure up the period when Egyptology was a hitting the headlines in Edwardian times following the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.  It combines the golds, blues and blacks we associate with ancient Egyptian art as well as the offset corners, reminiscent of art deco styling.

The papyrus is "float mounted" on a coloured backing allowing the full shape and distinctive edges to be visible.  Spacers under the mount allow the artwork to be kept away from the glass, allowing all of the lumps and bumps to be accommodated without having to flatten it.

The end result is quite distinctive and highly decorative. Those who have seen it hanging in the Beaconsfield training room have been well impressed!  If you don't have anybody zooming out to Egypt for a holiday, there are many websites selling a whole range of Egyptian art: so there's nothing to stop you having a go.

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Posted on: 30 Mar 2009@10:23:17, updated on: 30 Mar 2009@10:23:17.