Report: Framing Seminars

Something For Nothing

Free SeminarWhenever we visit exhibitions and trade shows, we always offer visitors the chance to follow up their interest in picture framing by inviting them to attend a free seminar.  The session is intended to inspire people to see the possibilities of earning money from picture framing.  For some people they are looking at marketing their own work more profitably by adding value through the framing.  Others wish to add a service to their existing business: it is easy to see how a package, involving mounted and framed pieces, would appeal to wedding and portrait photographers.  Finally, some seem to undergo an epiphany, spotting the potential even for developing a bespoke picture framing business to create a major (or minor) income stream.

The Framing Seminars explore the main themes involved in setting up a picture framing business.  We demonstrate how to frame a picture, from the print to hanging, using professional framing kit.  There is an insight into possible pricing systems, what elements these need to cover and a range of creative ideas for taking your own style of framing beyond the "basic" package.

Our most recent session was on 25th March, following on from the Focus on Imaging and Hobbycrafts shows earlier in the month.  It was very well attended (around 25 visitors) with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for what was being shown.

So, many thanks to all of those who made the seminar, and we will let the rest of you know as soon as our next freebie is arranged.  But, remember places always go quickly.

Posted on: 30 Mar 2009@11:10:24, updated on: 30 Mar 2009@11:10:24.