Exciting New Venture

Image transfer and canvas framing service

At long last, our image transfer service is ready to go. It is never easy to do justice to a new venture especially one as good as this. But we’ll try. The aim is to extend the idea of framing your own artwork starting from the image production as well as planning and building the frame.

This new service offers several strands: giclée prints on a choice of fine art paper, photo paper or canvas. Whatever print medium you choose, we guarantee that the very best product and processes are being employed. Experienced staff will transfer images for printing from the CD you send in: any queries and they will be in touch to discuss exactly what you want. If you want a canvas image stretched ready for framing or as a gallery wrap we can do that too.

So, what we have developed is a bespoke imaging service as a start to your own bespoke framing. Of course images do not have to be limited to photography: you can scan all sorts of artwork, save to file and send in for transfer. We can even provide limited edition runs of your work.

Everything In One Place

Image transfer and canvas framing serviceThis has also given us the opporunity to group framing items in a more intuitive way.  By recognising that, for many customers, printing and framing images on canvas will be the main reason for using this area of DIYframing we can make direct links.  We have grouped together all of the materials, kit and hardware specific to this type of work. Click KIT to move to the designated area of our on-line store.

Information On Line

New area of site devoted to image transfer and canvas stretching.To help make sense of it all there are several pages of information on our website, accessible from the new IMAGING icon on the home page. As well as detail about the processes and background to the service, there are links to resources, kit and materials used when framing canvas based artwork. Click IMAGING SERVICE to check out the "base" page or HELP for information about preparing images for transfer.

Orders are made in the usual way by choosing the image size to be printed and then the type of print from the drop down menu. Download a transfer form which you complete and send in with your CD Rom (with image files saved on it) to the address shown. Click ORDERS to see what the ordering system looks like.

As always, please offer feedback about the service so that we can ensure we are making it work for you.


Posted on: 2 Jun 2009@09:35:42, updated on: 2 Jun 2009@09:35:42.