Everyone's A Winner

There is absolutely no doubt that all who entered the Summer Holidays Picture Framing Competition produced pieces of an exceptional standard.  The finalists' work, exhibited at the Summer Open Day in Beaconsfield on Saturday, drew admiring scrutiny and prompted really positive comments from all of our visitors.  The exhibition voting also reflected how tight things were: all of the finalists received votes for either 1st, 2nd or third place.  In fact it really did go right to the wire, with the winner, Ian Oliver taking the lead on the last couple of ballot papers.

The results:

1st Place: Ian Oliver - "All Washed Up"

2nd Place: Janet Rudkin - "Bygone Summer Days"

3rd Place: Nikki Brearley - "Beach Huts in Drift Wood"

We have always prided ourselves on the fact that the depth and breadth of the UK School of Framing training programme provide a great launch pad for your own picture framing.  Being able to showcase work from people who started and developed their framing with us is a great source of pleasure.

We aim to make this an annual event, so now is an ideal time to see where we can help you hone your skills in readiness.  In the meantime, read on to discover what motivated our winners' designs.  We hope to bring you more detailed project information about the pieces later in the year.

1st: All Washed Up

Notes by Ian OliverAll washed Up - Ian Oliver

Summer Holidays for me are not about lazing around on a sunny beach, but I’m more likely to be found wandering around a windy, deserted beach somewhere, with my camera - looking for a picture.

As soon as I saw the competition title, I thought of this image of a semi-submerged bleached bit of driftwood.

The moulding more or less chose itself, as it looks just like driftwood - especially with the addition of liming wax. It’s a moulding I have used before, because of it’s texture.

The framing is straight forward, except I used plastic glass for safety.

Corner detail of winning entryFor the mount I decided to try something a little different. Using an image from the same set as the driftwood main image, I printed a faded version directly on to the mountboard to give a feel for the place, before making the double mount in the normal way.

Corner detail of moulding & mount.
To see more of Ian's work visit his gallery: Ian Oliver Photography & Framing


Janet Rudkin

2nd: Bygone Summer Days

Notes by Janet Rudkin

The theme of Summer Holidays reminded me of school days and looking forward to having a holiday by the seaside. I think a Punch & Judy show epitomises having fun on a beach in the summer even though it may not be quite PC.  Part of the inspiration for my piece came after attending David Wilkie's course in July. I came away from the course 'buzzing' with ideas - the techniques that David demonstrated were amazing!

Bygone Summer DaysThe ideas for the colours, backing board and stripes came from the picture and the strong blues and reds and the bright white gives it a sunny, summery feel. The gold foil backing board reminded me of glistening sand and the moulding, although finished, looks and feels like bleached wood you sometimes find in seaside towns.

Corner detail of Bygone Summer DaysThe main problem I had to overcome was the lack of depth in the frame rebate. I overcame this by using a smaller plain moulding reversed, which I screwed to the back of the frame. After deliberating for some time over taping I decided to tape the join between the two mouldings to avoid dust particles entering.

 Corner detail of v groove & inlays

To find out more about Janet's work, visit her gallery: Bystock Framing


Nikki Brearley3rd: Beach Huts In Driftwood

Notes by Nikki Brearley (seen accepting her prize from Duncan McDonald)

The image of the beach huts is one that I took a number of years ago and have always thought just seemed iconic of a traditional British summer. It is also bright, colourful and eye catching and I felt I could pick up on the colours and shapes within the picture and bring them into the mount design.

Beach huts in driftwood

Summer Holidays: there are many things that spring to mind when thinking of summer holidays – some obvious and some not so obvious, but having chosen the image I wanted to create a piece of work where each element of the frame picked up on a felling, a colour, or a texture that can be associated with holidays.

I wanted to try and bring out the freshness and the clean rustic feel of the seaside with the moulding, which is why I chose something that picked up on the bleached, smooth and natural fell of driftwood.

I liked the shapes of the roofs of the beach huts and really wanted to include and mirror the angles of these in the mount. But then create a softer feel at the bottom with an indication of the beach. The bright and strong colours of the beach huts I tried to pick up with the inner mount – but keeping it narrow so it did not become too strong and overpowering.

Corner detail of Beach Huts in DriftwoodThe framing itself is simple in style and did not present any real issues, but being a fairly new framer – being able to actually turn my design into reality was more of a challenge. In my mind I wanted to produce a more complex design within the mount, but feel I am being restricted by my own skill level at the moment – but hopefully in time .....

Corner detail of Beach Huts in Driftwood showing scuplted mount






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