Framing Fabrics: Do It Yourself

Needlecraft Handy Hints SheetBearing in mind the amount of time taken in producing a piece of cross-stitch, needlepoint or tapestry, surely it’s worth taking care with the framing? Framing any fabric requires a little bit more care in the planning stages and a few additional practical skills. It may take a little longer, but, done properly it makes such a difference to your work … and it is not that difficult. So why not have a go yourself?


UK School of Framing is running a “special” for all needle workers – Basics of fabric framing, 20th February 2010 in Beaconsfield. You bring along prepared needlework (guidance will be given) and we will take you through the whole process of framing it. You leave knowing how to frame the rest of your pieces and have one completed, ready for hanging.


For more detail click Fabric Framing Special. If you want to take it further, the Mount Cutting & Decoration course on the 21st February will add a whole range of presentation skills, whilst the Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art on the 22nd February may appeal to people working on larger scale items. Later in 2010 we will be running a Framing Fabrics day, where you can learn more of the skills involved in this work, as well as trying out a framing project, from planning to completion. For more about all of our courses visit the UK School of Framing home page.


Posted on: 8 Dec 2009@07:56:25, updated on: 8 Dec 2009@07:56:25.