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Channel 4 screen testHomemade Homes

There’s been a real buzz in recent weeks around the DIYframing, buildings down on Woodlands Farm, Beaconsfield. Imagine the excitement of receiving a call from a Channel 4 production team, asking about the possibility of doing a screen test for a programme being shown in spring 2010. The show in question is Kirstie’s Homemade Home. It explores the idea of using local crafts and artisans to decorate and “make-over” your home. In the first series, Kirstie Allsopp found out about a whole range of crafts, from card making to glass blowing, learning how to do some of them for herself. The aim is to give recognition to the craftspeople keeping these skills alive, whilst achieving a unique interior design.


Quality Framing

Our involvement would be as a featured craft, teaching some of the skills involved in good quality, bespoke picture framing. It is particularly pleasing as it echoes the fact that the UK School of Framing is recognised as not only getting people started with framing, but also actively promoting the skills of best quality, professional picture framing, based on the standards set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild.


Star Trainer

Jan Doyle, one of our lead trainers will be in front of the cameras. She has a background in the theatre so is the ideal choice. More importantly she really does show how far you can take your framing. She trained with DIYframing as one of our first students, developed her skills through our training programme before setting up Cherry Orchard Framers (her own bespoke picture framing business). Two years ago she joined the team of trainers and is now a Guild Commended Framer.

So, back to Kirstie’s Homemade Home: the screen test went well and we are hopeful that the filming for the show will take place early next year. When we know more, we will keep you posted. In the meantime, you could always book up on the Cambridge training course and meet Jan before she starts charging for autographs.


Posted on: 9 Dec 2009@14:22:46, updated on: 9 Dec 2009@14:22:46.