Tying The Knot

Learn how to knot the framing cordNo there aren’t any pigs flying! I know we’ve been promising our trainees for many months. At long last, Richard has eventually put together a Handy Hints sheet about how to tie the dreaded framing knot. Mind you, even with pictures and notes it might still leave you scratching your heads. It’s really not (oops) that easy making a complex sequence absolutely clear … but you can’t say we haven’t tried.

So if you have been on one of our many training sessions, or you just want a good way of tying a knot when stringing your frames, have a look at Handy Hints sheet: Stringing a Frame for Hanging. We have left the image files quite large so you can zoom in a bit closer on each one without getting too “pixelated”: as a result, be warned, the PDF size is 4mb. For a direct link click: The Knot

Hot Tip

And just to show people do read the news, here's a follow-up item from a DIYframing member.

“A very informative article about The Knot. This must be what Alex called, in his usual delicate way, the "Sheepsh*****s' Underloop"! Instead of taping round the loose ends of cord, we use 3.5mm heat-shrink tubing. This is neater, quicker to do, and more secure. See attached photo.”

Hot Tip from David Edwardson

Many thanks to David Edwardson for his “Tip of the Month” If you want to use this method rather than taping, David followed up with details of the product he uses.

“Heat-shrink sleeving is normally used for insulating wires and can be found at electrical suppliers, though we get ours from Maplin – (click: sleeving) It's available in many sizes but we find that 3.5mm diameter works well for the type of hanging cord we use.”

Posted on: 7 Jan 2010@09:06:57, updated on: 7 Jan 2010@09:06:57.