Three of The Best From Logan

Finding products to reinvigorate the market and create real interest is always important. But waiting for innovations abroad to reach the UK is also frustrating: nowadays the Internet keeps you so bang up to date with progress, you’re constantly aware of what you’re missing. So, we are really pleased, here at DIYframing, to be able to add some newly designed Logan machines to our catalogue. We are one of a select few, who have managed to get hold of demonstration tools ready for 2010. The new machines are not upgrades: they genuinely extend the range of framing equipment available. We are especially pleased that visitors to our stand (B17) at Focus On Imaging, will be among the first to see these working in the UK. Having already had a chance to play, there’s no doubt that these are excellent, well thought through machines from Logan. Here’s a taster of what is coming.


Three to Show At Focus

NEW mat cutter system Logan Platinum EdgeThe Platinum Edge 855 Mat Cutter

This has been designed to compete at the top of the mount cutting market. It is a true, professional cutting system aimed at people who need exceptional quality. There are so many features that put it into the premier league. The build quality is outstanding and is clearly made to compete with traditional names at the top end of manual, mount cutting. Key features include:

  •  Aluminium base
  • 4ply (1.4mm) & 8ply (3 mm) cutting capability
  • Quick change magnetic blade magazine
  • Micro adjustable moveable stops
  • Straight and bevel cutting heads, featuring super-smooth ball bearing system
  • A removable squaring arm.


Logan Platinum Edge 855 Bevel Cutting Head

Logan Platinum Edge 855l plan view

Logan Platinum Edge 855 Straight Cutting Head







NEW Board Trimmer Logan Total Trimmer T-300The Total Trimmer T-300

Capable of handling your most demanding trimming needs, the Total Trimmer T-300 is the versatile work-horse trimmer you have been looking for. It is ideal for trimming difficult materials like PVC foam board and vinyl, as well as easily cutting common materials such as films and papers. In short it is at home cutting almost any flexible or rigid materials. The many special features and inexpensive cost make the Total Trimmer a great addition to your picture framing kit. Key features include:

  • Automatic safety blade release
  • Twist and Lock down blade - locks the blade in the down position prior to cutting
  • Rubber bar grip to hold material secure while 
  • Lifter bar holds the cutting bar 1/2" above the board for easy material loading and removal
  • Extra long 32" squaring arm - makes measuring and cutting faster and more accurate, can easily be removed to cut longer pieces in sections
  • Ergonomic cutting head is comfortable and safe for easier cutting
Total Trimmer: knob adjustment depth settingTotal Trimmer: Ergonomic Cutting HeadLogan Total Trimmer






The Logan 5000 8-Ply Mat Cutter

NEW: Logan 500 8-Ply Mat CutterThe third, all new, piece of equipment we have to show is the Logan 5000 8-ply Mat Cutter. It has been designed to cut both standard depth (1.4 mm) and double depth (3 mm) mount boards. It has an ergonomic grip for comfortable use and a light, indicating when the blade is fully engaged. It uses standard Logan 270 blades, but has the new, quick-change magnetic blade cartridge. Best of all is that it is compatible with all existing Logan mount cutting systems: from the Adapt-a- Rules through to the Simplex 750.


Groovy Mouse Face-Lift

Another item we will be able to show at Focus on Imaging is the updated version of the Groovy Mouse. The latest version (6000 Freestyle V-Groover), which we have tried, does offer some genuine design developments. The main practical difference with this upgrade is that the visibility, at the start and end of cuts, is improved, making over / under cuts less likely.

(Please note, prices for the new cutters will be published just as soon as they have been made available to us.)


NEW Elite Upgrades

Logan also announced a range of new “elite” versions of existing kit. They have taken current models and provided some “extras”.  These tend to be improving equipment level, build quality, handling comfort or the option to work with larger cross-section materials. Here’s a couple of illustrations of the concept.

Team System Elite – includes a 500 mat knife as part of the new, boxed kit;

Studio Joiner Elite – features a new self-levelling action, stabilising the clamp to any shape moulding. There’s a new self-grip clamp and a heavy-duty, ergonomic grip handle and an expanded base plate.

Other “Elite Kit” is the new Dual Drive Elite (tab gun) and the Precision Sander Elite.

As soon as we have more information about the prices, possibility of pre-ordering and time scale for our stock, we will let you know.


Posted on: 3 Feb 2010@14:36:01, updated on: 3 Feb 2010@14:36:01.