Stock Interest

Special Offer

Special offer on range of thick mountboardsIf you’ve ever wanted to use thicker mountboards in your framing, now is a good time to see what they can offer. We have a small stock remaining of 2mm, 3mm and 5mm boards on offer at incredibly good prices. To see the range click SPECIAL OFFERS and scroll down the list to find them. To give you a flavour, here’s a quick link to the 2mm black, black core board. Remember, the special prices are only while stocks last.


Odds & Ends

2 new items in store: pozi drive bits; Longridge Duo MidiFor one reason or another, we occasionally feature small runs of stock to see how they fare. The two we have for you this month couldn’t be further apart: the Longridge, Duo Midi mount cutter and De Walt phillips screwdriver bits. No quips, no clever comments – but we do suggest you have a look.



Posted on: 5 May 2010@11:04:46, updated on: 5 May 2010@11:04:46.