Art Gekko: Off The Tourist Track

Art Gekko - feature on a rapidly rising business

Art Gekko is all about bringing vibrant pieces of art to the UK from sources all around the world. During 18 months of travel, Hilary Simms (15 years working in marketing) and her partner Ben, sought out quality, original artwork that made an impact: the best work was often discovered way off the tourist paths. The cost of getting framed-artworks shipped home was excessive and would have made the business a non-starter, so it was an obvious decision to add a framing side to the business. By doing so, Hilary can import artwork as rolled canvas then frame it herself. In turn this led to the UK School of Framing training programme.  

“I am amazed how much I learned in my course and I was very well equipped to go straight into professionally framing our artwork for sale purposes.” 

This was combined with a “whistle-stop” work experience in a framing gallery, providing the background and boost to launch Art Gekko as dealers in, and framers of, original artwork.

This must be one of the quickest routes, we have ever featured at DIYframing, of a business moving so effectively from the planning stage to trading. Read more at ART GEKKO

Posted on: 8 Jul 2010@08:48:04, updated on: 8 Jul 2010@08:48:04.